Helping Humanity Achieve Greatness

One Egg At A Time




We will help you document all of your egg based discoveries. 


We will help you with all the bright ideas for your egg. 


We will always watch your progess. 



Hen House Unlimited is a world wide conglomerate dedicated to helping you reach your full potential as a person.


Those who dedicate themselves can be revered so highly that they can be considered to be kings amongst their fellow humans.

We have hidden dozens of Eyepiece Eggs throughout the world. If you have found one - and you'll know it when you see it - please contact us immediately. 

We - and your new Egg - will help shape your future and the potential future of all humankind. 

The Founder

Since the very beginning, Henry House has been managing the Hen House with the greatest of ease and the most considerate of care.

Without him, Hen House does not exist 

Without him, the Eggs do not exist. 

Without him, the kings do not exist

Without him, humankind will cease to exist.



before we find you